Appalachian Baby Designs Appalachian Baby Organic Collection

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Appalachian Baby Design is dedicated to providing the most beautiful elements for the fiber artist to create an heirloom baby gift.

Working with a collective of talented fiber artists: knitters, crocheters, weavers, and painters, we’ve developed a range of classic baby gift designs.   The core ingredient of these designs is the yarn: we work with small-scale U.S. sustainable family-owned cotton farms, sheep ranches and family-owned mills.  Our yarn is intended to be used for a slow and easy meditation where individual efforts make a difference, and it is used to express the great joy of a new baby entering our world.

Machine wash warm on a gentle setting, using a mild detergent—we like Joy, then machine dry on a gentle setting.  There is a small amount of shrinkage the first time and our designs plan for that—in some cases, the knit stitches don’t take their final shape until washed and dried.

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